Salt-Water Moon

Plan Z Theatre present David French Classic

Plan Z Theatre presents Salt-Water Moon by David French at Pacific Theatre July 26-31 featured on www.vancouvertheatre.ca

Plan Z Theatre presents Salt-Water Moon by David French at Pacific Theatre July 26-31

After a 5 star production of Sarah Ruhl’s Euyrdice at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Plan Z Theatre is back with the Canadian masterpiece, Salt-Water Moon, by David French. Rich in Canadian history, romance, and wit, the story focuses on a young couple in Newfoundland in 1926, questioning whether starting over is ever truly an option. When trust has been broken, is it possible to rebuild – or is fate something written in the stars?

Salt-Water Moon is directed by Eleanor Felton, who is quickly becoming a Vancouver artist to keep an eye on. Skilled in movement and heartfelt storytelling, she has recently worked with Pacific Theatre, Off Key, Coffee & Screaming Productions, and is about to open a show in the Rumble Theatre Tremors Festival. This play has been on her bucket list for the past 6 years and she is thrilled to tackle it. “When we hear that something is a love story, I think we all want to believe it, but we all think we should be smarter than that,” Felton explains. “We are skeptical of love – we are cynical, especially of young love. Salt-Water Moon doesn’t ignore this. It is a simple love story which gently asks us to fight for love for 90 minutes. I think this show opens up that conversation about practicality and feeling – it asks us to examine what is real and what is not. What is superstition, and what is science.”

Complementing the production will be original music composed by Julie Casselman, recently Jessie-nominated for her work on Twenty-Something Theatre’s Tender Napalm. “Theatre in its nature is so collaborative. You have these set designers who are creating something from nothing – creating entire visual worlds for actors to play on. Sometimes even paying attention to details like scents so that the audience feels like they are really there. Being able to add to that world with my music is incredibly satisfying. And then getting to write music for another performer – in this case, a very talented violinist – who is onstage breathing with the actors and helping set the tone, is a huge challenge and accomplishment. I try to do something I’ve never done before with every new composition project. This time it’s the genre. I’m really excited.”

Casselman is actually playing double duty on this show, starring as Mary Snow, the stubborn and determined Newfoundland sweetheart. Alongside her is newcomer Darcy Stobbe, playing the charming Jacob Mercer hoping to win her over. Lastly, production design elements are being created by Phil Miguel who worked on Clockwork Theatre’s Fool for Love that caught Vancouver audiences by storm last year.

“No matter how many times I read the script, or rehearse it, I am enamoured by Jacob, and in awe of Mary.” Felton says “We can’t wait for our audiences to feel the same way.”

Salt-Water Moon

July 26 to 31

Plan Z Theatre

Pacific Theatre

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