Charm and comedy highlight fairy tale musical

Beauty and the Beast runs at Theatre Under the Stars until August 19 featured on

Beauty and the Beast runs at Theatre Under the Stars until August 19 – Photo: Tim Matheson

Review by Max D’Ambrosio

One half of Theatre Under the Stars’ lineup this season is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, a hairy tale given especially heartwarming life in its beloved live version.

The big musical numbers are packed full of energetic movement. Though some of the choreography and costuming is a little plainer than one could want, even considering the challenges involved in this show, there is also plenty of great work on display here.

Big laughs and slapstick

Much effort is made to emulate the cartoony charm of the original Disney characters through massively flamboyant body language and slapstick. Lumiere (Victor Hunter) and Cogsworth (Steven Greenfield) get big laughs in this manner. Belle (Jaime Piercy) and the Beast (Peter Monaghan) are capable singers, and their performances are very nicely balanced in terms of silliness versus sincerity, causing the play’s family-friendly plot to pack a decent dramatic punch.

The whole ensemble gives its best to fulfill the expectations attached to the material, resulting in a very well appointed show.

The Bottom Line

Theatre Under the Stars pulls off this classic fairy-tale in fitting style.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Theatre Under The Stars

Playing until August 27

Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park

Plays in repertory with West Side Story
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Review: Beauty and the Beast
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